Career Fair 2016

FISA Sports Day sponsored by Jumia Kenya


The Finance and Investment Students Association (FISA) is a professional students' association in University of Nairobi school of business whose aim is to link member students to the Finance Industry, and to complement theories learnt in class with practical lessons learnt through training, panel talks and volunteering.

The association aims to promote interaction of the members with other students, professional firms, and corporate enterprises in order to expand their knowledge of all industries that drive the Kenyan Economy. It also aims to promote economic development through various initiatives run throughout the year.

We are committed to bringing together Finance and Accounting students from universities across Africa with the aim of sharing knowledge, skills and resources. In its efforts of achieving its objective of promoting finance as a career and improving the potential of its members as future professionals, FISA collaborates with other institutions both in academia and the corporate world in various forums and events.

Originally, FISA was founded in 1993, with an intention of promoting the Finance Option at the Business School though its mandate has since broadened with time to reflect the demands that have been met on it by industry and its members. We are the largest (in membership) and one of the most active professional student organizations in the school of business, currently enjoying membership of 60% of student population.


A premier professional students' body in Africa committed to practicum excellence.
Our mission is to inspire students into achieving excellence in all aspects of life. We seek to link theory to practice, to educate and empower students by creating experiences that will unlock their potential.
Our mantra is: "Inspiring excellence". In line with this we endeavour to plan for a number of activities that will focus us on our mission and lead us to the attainment of our goals.
  1. Professionalism
  2. Teamwork
  3. Innovation
  4. Partnership
  5. Continuous Improvement
  6. Service to society

UPCOMING EVENT: Career Fair 2016


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